Pink joked that she wishes she wrote the viral children's song 'Baby Shark'.

The 'Who Knew' hitmaker began by paying tribute to her long-time friend and support actor, Gwen Stefani, and admitted she wished she wrote her band No Doubt's hits 'Spiderwebs' and 'Just a Girl', before reducing the crowd to giggles when she said she also wishes she penned the campfire song with special hand dance movements that went viral in 2016 when Pinkfong, a South Korean entertainment company, released it.

Speaking to the crowd at her American Express presents BST Hyde Park concert in London last month, she said while asking for applause for Gwen: "I wish I wrote 'Spiderwebs', 'Just a Girl' ... can we give it up for Gwen Stefani!"

She then said: "I also wish I wrote 'Baby Shark'."

And before launching into a piano version of Bob Dylan's 90s classic 'Make You Feel My Love' - which was first released by Billy Joel in 1997 and further popularised by Adele in 2008 - she said: "This is a song I wish that I wrote. I don't really write love songs. It's really just not in me. Sorry, babe [husband C. But if you have someone here that you love and want to hold hands and cuddle..."

During the same concert, Pink was left stunned when a fan threw her mum’s ashes on stage in a zip-lock pouch.

The ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’ singer, 42, also received a number of other gifts from her loyal fans at her two American Express Presents BST Hyde Park shows in London, including a whole wheel of brie cheese, teddy bears, flowers and artwork.

But she was left startled when she was handed the pouch of cremated remains and asked the member of the audience to clarify that it was their mum’s ashes – before saying: “I don’t know how to feel about that.”

After walking back up to the stage from the central walkway, Pink added: “I have to say that was a first.”