Pop star Pink hates that her friends are now calling her by her real name - because she associates it with being told off. The STUPID GIRLS star, real name ALECIA MOORE, claims to have got the nickname 'Pink' after a childhood incident where she had her trousers pulled down at summer camp and ended up blushing bright pink. And she also claims the nickname comes from looking like Steve Buscemi's character MR PINK in cult film Reservoir Dogs. But now that her nickname of Pink is so widely used in the media and by her fans, her friends and family have started calling her Alecia again - even though she doesn't like it. Pink says, "All my friends have pretty much reverted back to Alecia because the world has claimed Pink. It was my nickname but now it's not ours anymore, it's just how everyone knows me. Now Alecia is more like my nickname, my pet name. "I'm still getting used to it. It's very strange. Carey uses Alecia when he's mad at me. When anybody is mad at me they call me Alecia. That's why it makes me uncomfortable."