Pink is donating homemade soup to those in need.

The 40-year-old singer has cooked a batch of homemade vegetable soup, which she has revealed she will be donating to her local shelter to ''feed some folks''.

Posting a picture of the soup - which she accidentally dated as March instead of April - on Instagram, she wrote: ''It is my absolute pleasure to cook for you. Find your local church, find your local shelter, reach out to them, get some friends together, and cook some soup. Feed some folks. Best soup I ever made.

''I wrote 3/20 Because I lost a month somehow. Whoops #feelsgoodtodogood (sic)''

The good deed comes after Pink recently recovered from battling coronavirus, which is also known as COVID-19.

Pink and her three-year-old son Jameson both suffered from the respiratory virus, and the 'Raise Your Glass' singer recently said it left her struggling to breathe.

Explaining how Jameson fell ill first, she told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: ''At a certain point around March 18, March 19, March 20, when his fever was staying and going up. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't breathe.''

Pink's breathing became so difficult, she required a nebuliser - a device which turns medicine into an inhalable mist - ''for the first time in 30 years'' and ''couldn't function without'' her inhaler.

She admitted: ''That's when I started to get really scared.''

The singer's son then began to complain of ''chest pain'' and experienced breathing difficulties.

She recalled: ''That's the point where you are just kind of like, OK are we going to the hospital? Like what are we doing right now? Because this is the scariest thing I've ever ever been through in my whole life.''

Thankfully, the pair have since retested negative for the illness and Pink - who has Jameson, as well as daughter Willow, eight, with her husband Carey Hart - has donated $1 million to coronavirus relief in order to help those who don't have access to the same resources she does.