Pink Floyd star Roger Waters is still bitter he wasn't asked to sing the band's Wish You Were Here album fan favourite Have A Cigar - because he believes he would have done a better job than singer/songwriter Roy Harper.
Harper was recording at Abbey Road in London while the rock supergroup worked on the album in a nearby studio and when Waters and bandmate Dave Gilmour were struggling to find the right voice for the anti-music industry song, they agreed to let their folk singer pal give it a go.
Gilmour loved Harper's version and persuaded his bandmates to use it on their classic 1975 album - but 30-plus years later, Waters still thinks he would have done a better job with a little time.
In a candid new interview, which features on upcoming Dvd Pink Floyd: The Story of Wish You Were Here, Waters reveals, "He was singing a sort of parody... which I don't like. I never liked it... I regret it.
"I think if I'd persevered with it, I would have done it better... I think if I'd have sung it, it would have been more vulnerable and less cynical than the way he did it."
But former bandmate Gilmour disagrees, adding, "He (Harper) went off and did it and did a great job... (but) I don't think Roger liked his version very much."
And Harper himself has regrets about putting his voice on a Pink Floyd hit.
He explains, "It was played millions of times around the world... (and) it was a number-one selling single. Everyone thought it was Roger (singing). I was a bit peed off about that.
"The worst of it is sometimes when I'm doing a gig, some wag will shout, 'Have a cigar!'"