Pink Floyd star David Gilmour has warned the band's younger fans they might not enjoy the group's upcoming final album because it is unsuitable for online streaming.

The legendary band is releasing its 15th and final record, The Endless River, on 07 November (14), featuring a collection of songs constructed from tracks left over from previous recording sessions with late keyboardist Richard Wright.

Fans and critics are keen to hear the veteran band's new music, but guitarist Gilmour has sent a warning ahead of its release to any younger fans planning to listen to snippets of it on streaming sites.

He tells Mojo magazine, "My struggle is to try to not have it over-hyped. All the powers that be that surround us, the record companies and management, want to make a huge, huge, huge fuss and I want to make a bit of a fuss, but I want people to understand where this is coming from and why it's not Dark Side of The Moon or even The Division Bell.

"Unapologetically, this is for the generation that wants to put its headphones on, lie in a beanbag, or whatever, and get off on a piece of music for an extended period of time. You could say it's not for the iTunes, downloading-individual-tracks generation... But there are a lot of people who'll get a lot of enjoyment out of this."