The drummer, a car enthusiast, joined Clarkson and racing driver Marino Franchitti for Clarkson's last ever drive around the Top Gear circuit to raise money for charity, more than three months after he was fired from the show for clashing with a producer.

Clarkson got to chose between a Mercedes and two Ferraris for his final ride, and a picture taken by Franchitti shows Clarkson behind the wheel and Mason in the back seat.

Clarkson later wrote on, "My last ever lap of the Top Gear track is done. Bit sad leaving the place for the final time... 2 good things about the last lap. It raised a load of cash for a good cause. And I did the motherf**ker of all tail slides through Chicago."

British TV and radio host Chris Evans has been announced as the next Top Gear presenter and will front the show from next year (16).