Former Pink Floyd star David Gilmour is paying the psychiatry bills for Scottish computer hacker GARY MCKINNON, who is fighting extradition to the U.S.
The rocker, who backs mental health campaigns, offered to send MCKinnon to an Asperger's syndrome expert after government cutbacks in the U.K. put an end to the public-funded treatment he was receiving last month (Jan11).
MCKinnon has spent the last eight years fighting U.S. attempts to have him jailed after he admitted to hacking into networks used by NASA and the Pentagon in 2001 to find information about UFOs.
MCKinnon's mother, Janis, tells Britain's Sunday Express, "When I heard about the funding for Gary's psychiatrist suddenly being refused I was incredibly worried.
"What will happen to other people with psychiatric problems if their funding is cut off? David and his wife Polly and Polly's brother Joe are really good people. They never publicise the good things they do behind the scenes. They just do it and we're so grateful for that."