Pink Floyd rocker David Gilmour has thrown his support behind American musician Steve Forman as he fights deportation from the U.K.

Forman, who has worked with artists including Pink Floyd, David Bowie, John Lennon and Fleetwood Mac, hails from Los Angeles but has spent six years living in Glasgow, Scotland, where he teaches music free of charge.

U.K. immigration rules mean he must return to the U.S. as his salary is not high enough to warrant granting him a work visa, but Forman, 68, is appealing against the decision and Gilmour is backing his claim.

The Pink Floyd star says, "We need innovators and mentors like him. I find it very odd that he is being faced with being sent back to the U.S. when he clearly has so much to offer the next generation. It is wonderful that he has chosen to channel his unique talent into teaching. His skills and approach are totally his own and as far as I know there is nobody I know of like him teaching rhythm in the U.K. or even Europe."

Forman's students have started a petition with around 700 signatures so far, and he has also received the backing of the Scottish government.

A spokesperson says, "The talent and expertise of people such as Steve Forman make a welcome contribution to developing Scotland's future musical talent. The Scottish Government is aware of Mr. Forman's situation and we are liaising with the (U.K.) Home Office on this case. This case reinforces existing Scottish Government concerns that immigration policy in the U.K. is inflexible and does not address Scotland's particular economic and demographic needs."