Rocker Alan Parsons has attacked Pink Floyd star Roger Waters over his efforts to persuade his old studio engineer to scrap a recent show in Israel.

Parsons, who engineered Pink Floyd's iconic album Dark Side of the Moon, received private correspondence from Waters prior to a recent Tel Aviv show, urging the Alan Parsons Project star to axe the gig as a protest about Israel's treatment of neighbouring Palestine.

Parsons went public with the letter and refused to cancel the show, and now he has sparked a new war of words with Waters during an interview with his Israeli bassist, Guy Erez, as part of a Creative Community For Peace (Ccfp) initiative.

Parsons says, "It's totally censorship. I mean, people who follow it would be considered succumbing to censorship. But we didn't... The language of music has nothing to do with the language of politics."

Erez adds, "My approach to it is why don't you try and use it in the opposite way? Instead of saying don't go here and there and play, if Roger Waters really wanted to be a peaceful person, why won't you take a group of Israeli kids and Palestinian kids and make a camp of making music together?

"Use the power of music to put people together. But don't just say, 'I'm taking a side, don't share music with the Israeli people'. Why do the Israeli people or any other people have to get punished...? It's just something I don't understand how he even puts it together."