Piers Morgan is officially no longer employed by CNN. The English broadcaster has departed from the cable network five months after 'Piers Morgan Live,' the show he anchored, aired its final episode back in March.

Piers Morgan
Morgan announced his CNN contract had expired via Twitter 

Morgan took to Twitter on Tuesday (Sept 2nd) to confirm that he has officially left CNN, and even revealed he turned down a new contract to emcee 40 news specials over two years, which was offered to him by CNN boss Jeff Zucker.

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"BREAKING NEWS: I am no longer a @CNN employee," the 49 year-old former 'America's Got Talent' judge tweeted.

"I was offered a new 2-year deal by @CNN boss Jeff Zucker to host 40 big interview 'specials,'" he added. "But after considerable thought, I decided not to accept it - and to try pastures new. I had a fantastic time in my 4 years @CNN and have huge respect for Jeff & all the people who work there. Great company, great network."

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Morgan began working on the news channel in 2010 when he took over from Larry King in the valuable 9 p.m. primetime slot. This decision was met with a wave of criticism, and shortly after there was a rather large drop in the ratings, causing CNN to fall behind FOX News and MSNBC.

Piers Morgan
Piers also turned down a new offer to host 40 'specials' over two years

While presenting the show, Morgan was very vocal about why America should make stricter gun laws, but this made him a frequent target among pro-gun enthusiasts. Ultimately, Zucker and the oft-controversial Brit agreed that 'Piers Morgan Live' was unable to connect to the American viewers.

"I wouldn't crack the champagne open too quickly though," Morgan jokingly posted. "@NRA - I haven't finished with you lot yet."