Pierce Brosnan is proud of the body hair he displays in movie AFTER THE SUNSET - particularly as his wife is a fan of the unshaven look.

The Irish actor previously shaved his "hairy chest" for 1999 film flop GREY OWL, in which he played a Native American, but he feels more comfortable retaining the natural look.

Brosnan, 51, says, "I shaved it for my role in Grey Owl, which was a disaster really. It wasn't a great success but it was a film I loved.

"I had to shave for that because I was playing a Native American. It was interesting because I was working out heavily at that time and it looked rather good.

"I thought, 'I can see why you guys do this.' But it's not my bag to do it all the time. No, it's a bit strange. Besides, the missus really likes my hairy chest."

03/01/2005 02:38