Disney boss Bob Iger is aiming to revive the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Disney boss Bob Iger is aiming to revive the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Disney chief Bob Iger is prioritising a return to success for Marvel.The 72-year-old media executive - who made a surprise...

'It's Not A Straightforward Marvel Movie': Wyatt Russell Teases Complex Thunderbolts Plot

'It's not a straightforward Marvel movie': Wyatt Russell teases complex Thunderbolts plot

Wyatt Russell has promised that 'Thunderbolts' will be far from a "straightforward" Marvel film.The 37-year-old actor is playing John Walker/US...

'I Never Submitted A Book That Had Those Names In It': Omid Scobie 'Frustrated' Over Royal Racism Row In Dutch Translation

'I never submitted a book that had those names in it': Omid Scobie 'frustrated' over royal racism row in Dutch translation

Omid Scobie has insisted he "never submitted a book" that named the so-called "royal racists".Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, previously claimed...

'We Scammed The System': Kim Kardashian Still Stunned By Family Fame

'We scammed the system': Kim Kardashian still stunned by family fame

Kim Kardashian thinks her family "scammed the system" to get famous.The 43-year-old beauty and her loved ones reflected about their...

Rita Ora Hails Albania’S Independence Day Celebrations As ‘Incredible’: ‘It Made Me So Excited For The Future’

Rita Ora hails Albania’s independence day celebrations as ‘incredible’: ‘It made me so excited for the future’

Rita Ora has hailed Albania’s independence day celebrations as “incredible”.The singer, 33, who was born in Kosovo and whose parents...

Daryl Hall Felt 'Ambushed' By John Oates

Daryl Hall felt 'ambushed' by John Oates

Daryl Hall has claimed he was "ambushed" by John Oates' "malicious conduct".The 77-year-old singer has taken out a restraining order...

Sebastian Stan To Star As A Young Donald Trump In The Apprentice Biopic

Sebastian Stan to star as a young Donald Trump in The Apprentice biopic

Sebastian Stan is to play a young Donald Trump in 'The Apprentice'.The 41-year-old actor has been cast as the former...

Kourtney Kardashian Blames Family’S ‘Toxic’ Relationships On ‘Generational Trauma’

Kourtney Kardashian blames family’s ‘toxic’ relationships on ‘generational trauma’

Kourtney Kardashian thinks her family choose “toxic” partners due to “generational trauma”.The reality star, 44, was previously in an on-off...

Kacey Musgraves Splits From Cole Schafer

Kacey Musgraves splits from Cole Schafer

Kacey Musgraves has split from Cole Schafer.The 'High Horse' singer has gone her separate ways from the 29-year-old poet after...

Lenny Kravitz's Unwanted Sexual Encounter Was An 'Experience And A Lesson'

Lenny Kravitz's unwanted sexual encounter was an 'experience and a lesson'

Lenny Kravitz views an unwanted sexual encounter he was subjected to as "an experience and a lesson", not an assault.The...

Britney Spears Urges Fans To Let Their Bums Be ‘Known’

Britney Spears urges fans to let their bums be ‘known’

Britney Spears has urged her fans to let their bums be “known”.The mum-of-two, 41, has become renowned for her raunchy...