Coachella is pretty much in full swing now and one of the headlining acts this year is the French indie rock band Phoenix.

The Grammy award-winning band were joined onstage by none other than R&B singer R Kelly. Unfortunately, the rumors that Phoenix would perform with electro duo Daft Punk didn’t prove true, but there was still a lot to enjoy in their set. The Californian festival stage saw the band perform some of their older music, as well as new songs, which will be featured on their upcoming album, “Bankrupt”, due for release on April 22nd. The tracks, "Entertainment" and "The Real Thing" were instant hits, but the band also played some old favorites, including "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix", such as "Lisztomania" and "Fences".

R Kelly’s appearance was the surprise of the show, especially since the crowd was expecting a collaboration with Daft Punk. The rapper performed a mashup of his “Ignition” with Phoenix’s “1901”. This is the band’s first time headlining Coachella, after they appeared at the festival twice before. "Our vision of Coachella is that you can never be medium. It's either fantastic or a big catastrophe, we don't like medium things. For us, it's always been an extreme experience. The first time we played was our worst show ever, and the second time was one of our best shows ever, it's either a huge failure or success," Mazzalai told Reuters ahead of the band's set.

R Kelly, LVH Casino and Hotel
The rapper joined Phoenix in a genre-defying mashup that could only happen at Coachella.