Phillip Schofield stopped dying his hair because he ''got bored and it was expensive''.

The 58-year-old TV presenter - who went grey at 16 and is affectionately referred to as the silver fox - interrupted a discussion on 'Good Morning Britain' about hair dye to reveal why he finally decided to stop colouring his hair.

Host Ben Shephard asked him: ''You dyed it for a long time - so why did you stop?'' and Phillip replied: '' I got bored and it was expensive!''

Ben replied: ''Quite right too! I don't think people should be made to feel vain for making themselves look good.''

Richard Blackwood, who was taking part in the debate, then chimed in and said: ''But that's up to the individual, I don't know why we keep saying vain as if it's a negative - it isn't!

''Vanity is when you are concerned about your looks and you want to change your image. you're trying to look younger or more appealing, is that not a form of vanity?

''There are two types of people who go to the gym, those who want to do it for their fitness and others who want to look good.

''We're using the term vain in a derogatory term and it's not...''

Jake Quickenden added: ''I've [dyed my hair] and I'm not afraid to say I've done it, we live in a world now that we need to make ourselves happy.

''We don't need to feel vain by doing our hair, it's like going to the gym. I'm 31 and I get a few little [grey hairs], I dye my hair pink and have had highlights so I don't think that's vain.''