Given Kate Middleton's current situation - growing another human being in her womb - we doubt she'll be donning the sparkly leotards, pulling on the skates and pulling shapes on the ice. In fact, we can't think of any situation in which she'd do that.

Regardless of that fact, Phillip Schofield - the presenter of the popular Dancing on Ice show - has plucked Middleton's name out of the air as his ideal hypothetical partner. "If I was a contestant on the show, the Duchess of Cambridge would be my perfect partner because I suspect she's very light on her feet," he explained. Schofield also hosts another show, ITV's The Cube, which sees contestants complete difficult tasks for incremental amounts of money. "There is no question I would perform better on The Cube than Dancing On Ice," he said, according to The Sun. "You can't underestimate how difficult Dancing On Ice is for the contestants. It is a gruelling schedule then there is the ever-present possibility you'll smash your teeth in," he added, before confirmed that, "Of all the reality shows, this is the toughest." 

Now, we'll say this again, Kate Middleton - The Duchess of Cambridge - WILL NOT be appearing on the show, but here are the real Dancing on Ice contestants:

Anthea Turner 

Beth Tweddle 

Gareth Thomas 

Joe Pasquale 

Keith Chegwin 

Lauren Goodger 

Luke Campbell 

Matt  Lapinskas 

Oona King 

Pamela Anderson 

Samia Ghadie 

Shayne Ward