Phil Spector fears his emotional and mental difficulties can be linked genetically to the fact his parents were first cousins, according to a new biography. British author Mick Brown spent a day with the music mogul two months before he was arrested and charged with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, and he has since turned the producer's candid comments into a book. In Tearing Down The Wall Of Sound: The Rise + Fall Of Phil Spector, Brown looks back over the eccentric mogul's life and career with the help of his subject's commentary. The author admits he was shocked when Spector hit the headlines as an alleged murderer, because he felt sure the producer had battled his mental demons - and won. Brown says, "What I really hadn't expected was that he would be so candid about the emotional and mental difficulties that he had suffered over the years. "He talked with great honesty about his parents having been first cousins and his fears that that had left some sort of genetic mark on him. "Looking back, I think he felt able to be so candid about all of that because he genuinely thought it was all in the past." In the book, Spector reveals, "I've been a very tortured soul... I have not been happy. I have devils inside that fight me." The record producer is currently on trial for Clarkson's 2003 murder. He stands accused of shooting the actress in the head.