The Voice has taken more than a couple hits of criticism recently: it’s dull, it’s repetitive, it just can’t keep up in the ratings race. One of the biggest is that so far, NBC’s answer to American Idol has failed to produce launch a lasting career in music for any of its winners. But here’s what  Pharrell Williams, now in his second season as a panellist on the popular (sort of) format had to say to the critics – aka a group of journalists at the show’s Season 8 press conference.

Pharrell Wiliams
After just one season on the show, Pharrell is done with the criticism.

“I don’t understand why we have these interviews, and people ask the same question every time,” Williams said via The Wrap. And that wasn’t where the rant ended.

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“I think it’s because I feel like you’re looking for something,” Williams continued. “And I’d almost rather you just ask Adam [Levine], or whoever it is that you want to know this from, whoever you want to see give you something that you can take back that’s going to really bite and make your bosses excited that you got something good. That’s not why we’re here to do this interview. We’re here to do this interview because we want to explain to you what this is and what it means to us. It’s a gift.”

And also:

“When’s the last time you gave someone, you know, mentoring or took the time out of your schedule to tutor, and to actually really deal with people’s real emotions?”

It seems like The Voice’s lack of starmaking power is kind of a rough subject for The Voice right now.
Trying to diffuse the situation, Adam Levine explained: hat “we want to have that happen” but felt that there are other ways to look at success.”