The celebs aren’t satisfied with us mere mortals wanting to just look like them, apparently we have to want to smell like them too. The craze for celebrity fragrances is still raging, with Pharrell William’s creating his own scent in collaboration with Comme des Garçons Parfums. The fragrance will be named ‘GIRL’, after his new album, which currently holds the UK Number One spot in the album charts.

pharrell williams girlPharrell's fragrance will be called 'GIRL'

Pharrell joins the long line of celebrities that have already developed their own fragrances, some names you'll expect to see, others you won't!

Bad Boy Biebs has developed three perfumes which can be worn by his teenybopper fans, ‘Someday’, ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘The Key’. Surprisingly, reviews aren’t too bad for his perfumes (we wonder if he himself has ever smelled any of them?). While one reviewer describes Girlfriend as ‘soo tacky’ before adding ‘it gives me nausea!’ another is kinder, explaining ‘I was expecting something sweet and yucky when I first saw this at the store, but I actually liked it’. We’re bowled over. We wonder if Sizzurp was an inspiration for any of the scents?

We were quite surprised to see that Antonio Banderas apparently has a penchant for creating aftershaves. Banderas has created a grand total of 7 scents, including ‘Blue Seduction’, ‘Diavolo’, ‘Seduction in Black’ and ‘The Secret’. One reviewer commented in regards to ‘Seduction in Black’: ‘I use it daily and get great compliments on the smell!’, while another described it as ‘a great fragrance for the cooler months or evening’. Antonio is a pretty sophisticated guy, so we’re not surprised that his aftershaves have been a hit.

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