N*E*R*D singer Pharrell Williams was insecure about his design talents when he was asked to create a sunglasses range for French fashion house LOUIS VUITTON.

The Neptunes producer was approached my Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs to collaborate with his pal, BATHING APE founder NIGO, to create the "bling bling" eyewear, which costs between $300 (GBP540) and $500 (GBP500).

Williams says, "You have to understand, I am just a regular dude. At the end of the day, this is all an incredible dream come true.

"Marc had seen a few pictures of me in sunglasses. He wanted to know what my take on sunglasses would be like for Louis Vuitton. "He pretty much let me go into my own world. I thought that was great. At the end of the day, he is Marc Jacobs and it is Louis Vuitton, and who am I for that matter?"

26/10/2004 21:00