Pharrell Williams has released the world's first 24 hour-long music video for his Despicable Me 2 soundtrack song, 'Happy.' The interactive video takes you through a day in Los Angeles as different performers, including a host of celebrity cameos, take it in turns to dance and walk with the camera for one song as 'Happy' plays in a loop.

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Just Wants Us All To Be Happy.

From the stylish small child dancing down a street whilst bemused shop owners look on; a frizzy-haired girl leaping and twirling through a car park; a tall man dancing through the aisles of a supermarket whilst stuffing food under his shirt, to Pharrell himself picking up groceries in a rather swanky hat before throwing moves in front of a gospel choir later on. 'Happy' seemingly celebrates the everyday joy hidden in the doldrums of life, as well as the diverse face and talent of L.A.

Watch The First 4 Hours Of 'Happy':

To make the video as 'Happy' as possible, Pharrell enlisted Despicable Me star Steve Carrell, basketball legend Magic Johnson, Tyler The Creator, Odd Future, and Jimmy Kimmel who each play their part in this addictive film.

Click to head to the interactive 'Happy.'

Pharrell hit it big this summer on the back of guest vocals he provided for Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' and tracks on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, including the mega-hit 'Get Lucky.' Speaking to GQ magazine, the 40 year-old hip hop star explained that his songs "are for people who need a break."

Pharrell Williams Deapicable Me
Mission Accomplished, Pharrell.

"There's a lot of f*cked-up travesty in the world. Sometimes you just need a Hallmark card. Sometimes you just need to shake your ass." It's hard not to smile and feel uplifted during whichever stage of 'Happy' you tune into and soon enough you'll find yourself singing along with the funky tune.