Review of Can I Have It Like Tat Single by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams
Feat Gwen Stefani – Can I Have It Like Tat – Star Track
Uk Release Date 31st October

Pharrell Williams Can I Have It Like Tat Single

Well he is hailed as a genius from everyone from Snoop Dogg to Justine Timberlake he has been involved with some of the biggest cross over R&B and hip hop hits but he is also renowned for some of the biggest street records. But Pharrell also has a dark, some say weird even rock element to some of his stuff for example the N*E*R*D project, it's like he wants to be so different from what is seen has is normal style, it is like he ants to shocks people. Well this in truth falls into that Pharrell leftfield mode it is quirky, odd but very original. Ms Stefani adds to that leftfield mode and although this will undoubtly be a monster hit, it is more to do with who is involved rather than how good the track is.


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