Review of Feat Gwen Stefani, Can I Have It Like That Single by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams
Feat Gwen Stefani
Can I Have It Like That

Pharrell Williams Feat Gwen Stefani, Can I Have It Like That Single

A lot of people have commented to me already how much they like this track. 'Can I Have It Like That' proves that Pharrell is still keeping hot to the trot and still completely in touch with new urban sounds. The chorus is catchy with good use of Gwen Stefani adding sultry chic to a dirty sounding track that has class, style and attitude to appeal to many people. The bass is infectious, deep and brooding with great drum breaks that are simple and truly funky. The production is first class as you'd expect and Pharrell raps in a confident manner that shows lyrics of someone who is willed for success. The whole track has character and an edge to make most people recognise the genius in this. It's a track that people will play, feel cool to listen to even if you don't like hip hop and feel comfortable in the knowledge that this is progressive urban music. Good stuff!

Tareck Ghoneim

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