Review of Good as Gold Album by Petter and the Pix

Stockholm's Petter and The Pix, are back with a second album of curious pop and electro beats, with 'Good as Gold'.

Petter and the Pix Good as Gold Album

Having never listened to them before, I went into the album with no expectations. . This shouldn't be as much as a surprise as it is because when you look into Good as Gold and the work of Petter and the Pix as a whole, you see that they have something for everyone. Tracks take a journey through most genres of music, and intertwine with each other to create quite a bold statement.

Tracks such as 'Good as Gold' have a touch of 80's electro pop, but then on the same album you get 'In The End of The Day', a far more indie rock sound, yet maintaining the Petter and The Pix style.

'Never Never' is deemed to be the first single release of the album. It's happy daydream feeling with a catchy tune that will make it a hit in your head that you can't help but go along with. Saying this makes it sound like a very simplistic concept, which couldn't be further from the truth. There are levels to this album which take time to become visible. Listening over and over is like watching a film and noticing different aspects to the storyline each time.

Good as Gold is far from apologetic, and that's what I admire. It has a very different, in your face approach. It's confident and happy in its own style. To be honest it makes a fresh addition to the music market at the moment.

I'm certainly converted to what is a bold, current, and well executed musical project.

Laura Johnstone

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