Pittsburgh pop-artist Peter Stanick is set to showcase his work at an exciting exhibition in Tokyo this Spring. It will mark his first visit to the Japanese capital, one that he has confessed to be long-desired, though not his first venture to the Far East.

Peter Stanick artworkPeter Stanick opens his first Tokyo exhibition

With work that has landed him the prestige of featuring in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, Stanick continues to create and develop with his latest exhibition being hosted at the Galleria Grafica in Tokyo in May. It's not his first visit to Japan; he held exhibitions at the Osaka Triennale in the 90s and currently has a collection at the Osaka Museum of Art. But Tokyo marks an important milestone for Stanick.

'Tokyo represents the visual impact that I pursue in my work', he told ContactMusic. 'Images of Tokyo are bold and graphic, but there's an ambiguity that exists, a question of meaning, contrasts and relationships.'

Peter Stanick artwork 2Stanick has always wanted to be an artist

Stanick was born in Pittsburgh and attended Indiana University and Carnegie Mellon University in the 70s. He reveals that he can't recollect a time when he didn't want to be an artist, and as it happens he's been successful at his lifelong passion working with a variety of galleries and businesses (including us here at ContactMusic) over the course of his career. He's displayed his art all around the world, throughout the US and Europe, but he admits his favourite exhibition of his career so far was appearing at London's Davies and Tooth in 1997. While he doesn't tend to expand his creativity beyond creating art pieces, he has in the past lent his hand to album sleeves and book covers.

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Stanick is known for using a lot of irony and humour to convey meaning in his art which he commonly creates on aluminium or as simple ink-to-paper pieces, often ridiculing the sexualisation of the media in regards to commercialism and consumerism with familiar cartoon imagery. Most recently, he's used stills from the animated opening of 'Bewitched' and 'Boris and Natasha' but has in the past used images from 'The Jetsons' and 'The Simpsons' combined with silhouettes of females in racy lingerie.

Peter Stanick Tokyo PosterStanick has a unique spin on modern pop-art

But while you can expect to see more of this at his Tokyo event, there will always be some unpredictability with his showcases as he's never gotten into the habit of titling his work. Plus, expect to see the occasional 'cameo appearance' from the artist himself, who enjoys incorporating his own image into the events he depicts for added humour. What makes him so different, though, from the likes of pop-art greats Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann and Roy Lichtenstein?

'I guess the biggest difference is that I'm event oriented, where these artists were object oriented', he reveals. 'To me, historical information is very important. I try to record points in time where the meaning can change or sometimes become unclear.'

His Galleria Grafica, Tokyo exhibition will take place between May 9th and 21st 2016. He also plans to extend his showcases into New York and Milan.

Peter Stanick features a number of his works on his website.