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Peter Stanick (born May 27th 1953) Peter Stanick is an American pop artist.

Art career: Peter Stanick's first solo exhibition was at Pittsburgh's Mendelson Gallery in 1981, but it was his second exhibition there in 1983 that really started a buzz. He was branded Pittsburgh's hottest artist by art critic Donald Miller and he soon landed a showing at the Carnegie Museum of Art the following year.

Other US exhibitions include the Frank Bustamante Gallery in New York, the Jaffe Baker Gallery in Boca Raton, the Joel Kessler Gallery in Miami, the Joy Horwich Gallery in Chicago, the Linda Hayman Gallery in Detroit and the MW Gallery in New York.

His first exhibition in Japan was at the Triennale in Osaka, and he made his Tokyo debut in 2016. He's also been around Europe, featuring at the likes of the Carling Dalenson in Stockholm, Davies and Tooth and the Saatchi Gallery in London and Lumas in Cologne.

He has been compared to such contempories as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

In 1998, he released a digital paintings series called 'Interface Images'.

He co-authored 2001's 'New Masters of Photoshop' and 2012 saw the iTunes publication of three separate books about his work.

His work is featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Osaka Museum of Art in Osaka, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Continental Corporation in New York, Contact Music and Neil Hughes Associates in London, Grasitel in Los Angeles, Westinghouse and Metropol in Pittsburgh, Novestra in Stockholm, Connova in Motala, Sweden and Spectrum in Tampa.

Personal life: Peter Stanick was born in Pittsburgh and attended Carnegie Mellon University where he earned a BFA and Indiana University where he got an MFA. He moved to Florida in 1990. 

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Get Ready For Peter Stanick's 2016 Tokyo Exhibition Coming Soon

Peter Stanick

It's just 6 days until Peter Stanick arrives in Tokyo for the first time to feature his new solo exhibition at the Galleria Grafica and it's certainly not an event to be missed. Move over Andy Warhol, this is the pop-art pioneer of the 21st century.

Peter Stanick - HouseIt's Peter Stanick's first Tokyo venture

For those unfamiliar with the Pittsburgh pop-artist's work, much of his art is cartoon-based with pop-culture references galore; he's used images from popular cartoons such as 'Bewitched', 'Boris and Natasha', 'The Simpsons' and 'The Jetsons' and frequently incorporates his own image into the mix. Notably, his tongue-in-cheek concepts use plenty of sexualized imagery and bold colours, which he admits is his way of making fun of consumerism. 'I see current media trying to get the attention of consumers in any way possible. I find it humorous. I suppose that a part of me wants to call attention to that humor', he told Contactmusic in an interview.

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Pop-Art Ace Peter Stanick Gears Up To Open His First Tokyo Exhibition

Peter Stanick

Pittsburgh pop-artist Peter Stanick is set to showcase his work at an exciting exhibition in Tokyo this Spring. It will mark his first visit to the Japanese capital, one that he has confessed to be long-desired, though not his first venture to the Far East.

Peter Stanick artworkPeter Stanick opens his first Tokyo exhibition

With work that has landed him the prestige of featuring in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, Stanick continues to create and develop with his latest exhibition being hosted at the Galleria Grafica in Tokyo in May. It's not his first visit to Japan; he held exhibitions at the Osaka Triennale in the 90s and currently has a collection at the Osaka Museum of Art. But Tokyo marks an important milestone for Stanick.

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Peter Stanick - Interview

Peter Stanick Peter Stanick Interview We interviewed our house artist Peter stanick who's creative flair has been a major contribution to over the years....

1. Who are you?

I am basically an image collector. As an artist, I show this collection in
my paintings and question whether the viewer shares my perception and
appreciation of these images.

2. Where are you from?

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Peter Stanick

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