Peter Sellers tried to trade a Ferrari for Ryan O'Neal's wife.

The legendary comedian-and-actor - who passed away 35 years ago at the age of 54 from a heart attack - was known for his womanising ways and his daughter Sarah Sellers has now revealed her father tried to ask his 'I Love You, Alice B. Toklas' co-star Leigh Taylor-Young's husband if he could have her in exchange for the sports car.

When asked if the pair had a fling, Sarah said: ''No, I don't think so. Leigh was married to the actor Ryan O'Neal at the time.

''Not that it stopped Dad trying. In fact, he offered to do a swap. Leigh told me that Dad had offered Ryan a Ferrari in return for his wife.''

Sarah also claimed her father - who is best known for his role as Inspector Clouseau in 'The Pink Panther' film series - was always wanting more from his life, whether that was a new car, a new house or a new woman.

She shared: ''He could never just live in the present. His whole life was about searching for something he didn't have, whether it was a new car or a new house or a new wife. He could never be content in the here and now.''

Sarah and her brother Michael are the offspring of Peter's first marriage to actress Anne Howe.

Following their split and subsequent divorce, the actor went on to marry Bond girl Britt Ekland - with whom he had a daughter, Victoria - after they divorced in 1968 he tied the knot with third spouse Miranda Quarry in 1970 before their union ended in 1974.

He married for the fourth and final time in 1977 to actress Lynne Frederick and was in the process of disinheriting her from his will a week before he died of a heart attack on 24 July 1980.

Despite her fraught relationship with her late father, his wild mood swings and his sudden death, Sarah holds no ill will towards him and only wishes they could have spent more time together.

In an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: ''What's the alternative? He's been gone for 35 years. If you stay angry for all that time you'll drive yourself mad ... I'm just sad I never got to have an adult relationship with him. He went too soon.''