British screenwriter Peter Morgan had another dig at THE QUEEN at the Golden Globe Awards last night (15JAN07) after using his Best Screenplay acceptance speech to criticise the monarch. As Golden Globe Awards organisers desperately tried to stop Morgan from saying anything too controversial, the writer posed the question, "What do we have to do yto get our leaders to listen to us? What do we have to do to get them to change tact?" The Queen screenwriter continued with his rant against the British ruler, questioning the reasoning behind her decision not to cut short a holiday in Scotland to join her subjects in mourning the death of Princess Diana - the basis of his acclaimed screenplay. He added, "In 1997, 2.2 million people went on the streets of London, sleeping rough, bringing the biggest city in Europe to a standstill so that a stubborn 70-year-old lady would fly from Aberdeen to London. "What are we gonna have to do when it's really important?" "You have to believe that public protest counts for something."