Peter Gabriel has turned reporter by writing an article on the controversial issue of police brutality.

The former Genesis star has written a piece for pushing for video evidence to be more widely accepted as part of the justice system following the failure to indict two police officers, in New York and Missouri, for killing unarmed black men in separate incidents.

Gabriel insists film footage could have proved what really happened to Eric Garner, who died after reportedly being put in a headlock while in police custody in New York, and secured justice for his family.

He writes, "How is it that despite compelling video evidence, justice can be so elusive for the victims of police brutality? This is a question that has to be asked after the failure of a Staten Island grand jury to indict a New York City police officer for the death of Eric Garner. We live in an age of video. As more and more of our lives are being filmed, we are amassing massive catalogues of potential evidence. Yet so little of this is finding its way into our political, legal or justice systems.

"The evidence being trusted in courts today is most often based on our fallible memories, spoken evidence produced long after the event, which in turn, is being proved to be unreliable at best and often re-imagined. Video has the capability to put more reality into the world of 'remembered' evidence. If we want people to use the legal system to resolve disputes, rather than more dangerous or violent options, the system has to be trusted."