Peter Gabriel used to argue with Tony Banks over dressing up like a ''sexually transmitted disease''.

The original Genesis singer presented the Prog God award to his former bandmate at the 2015 Progressive Music Awards in London last night (03.09.15) and before handing over the gong Peter admitted they used to fight over his unusual stage outfits, their image as a band and Tony's long keyboard solos.

Speaking at the awards ceremony at the Underglobe below Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, Peter said: ''We always argued about how we present ourselves and I remember trying to dress up like a flower and a sexually transmitted disease. Tony would be very bold and would move from one pastel shade to another with his sweater. But what we shared was a passion for music.''

The 65-year-old singer described his relationship with the Prog God winner as a ''best friend and worst enemy all wrapped up in one'' and admitted that he used to annoy the keyboard player by singing vocals over his lengthy solos which ended up ''scuppering his beautiful masterpieces''.

He added: ''We've always had a different approach to a lot of things. Tony has been best friend and worst enemy all wrapped up in one, normal band politics at their best. One of the things we argued about was the length of the keyboard solos. I started in prehistoric times and moved swiftly into the future. How long can a singer be expected to wiggle his bum and shake a tambourine, there is suffering involved, so every time I could I'd interject little bits of vocal over which we argued frequently as I was scuppering up his beautiful masterpieces.''