One of the most iconic scenes from teenage rom-coms of the '80s, and the only one to have nothing to do with John Hughes, is from 'Say Anything' John Cusack's character Lloyd Dobler, holding a boombox over his head, Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes' blaring out, in an extravagant declaration of love for Ione Court - Lloyd's high school sweetheart. In an entirely unexpected and utterly delightful remake of this classic scene, this weekend John Cusack sauntered on stage to join Peter Gabriel, with a boombox over his head- declaring his love for the singer? Not quite, Cusack handed the boombox over, and Gabriel held it up for the audience.

Cameron Crowe, director of 'Say Anything', was in the audience and Tweeted "Peter Gabriel and John Cusack on stage together at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. Won't forget that... ever". He described the event as "Surreal and beautiful". The event has sparked further rumours of a 'Say Anything' sequel, twenty years after the original.

Cusack joined Peter Gabriel on his vast 'Back to Front' US 2012 tour. The tour celebrates his classic album 'So', playing the album in its entirety at every show. This tour precedes a year's sabbatical from the industry to spend more time with his family. His tour ends this Sunday, with four dates left to perform in California, Connecticut and Virginia.