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Peter Gabriel - UP
New Peter Gabriel album - UP Reviewed

Peter Gabriel releases his 12th Studio album "UP" A work in progress for the best part of a decade.

Peter has spent most of his time recording and collecting a mass of songs, ideas and Studio cuttings then embarked on the mammoth task of painstakingly patching all these "bits" together in the attempt to achieve a coherent recording. The album reflects this magpie-like approach and the first thing that can be noticed about the overall sound is that Peter's idea of composition and Studio productions are a very precise science. And right from the opening track "Darkness" with it eerie slow fade-in and multi layered sound-scape….you can hear it!

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Mr. Gabriel is well known for not taking life very lightly and this album is no different from any of his other solo efforts or previous albums with 70's prog-rock mammoths Genesis regarding the weight of subject matter. Existentialist angst and personal analytical depth are again the order of the day and on tracks such as "Growing up" and "My head sounds like that" you can believe that this are the words of a man who has done some serious soul searching and has no plans of "lightening up"

There is no doubt that Gabriel remains one of the most restless creative and prolific artists of our time, and this album is proof that the man is a genius but maybe not the most accessible.

I am unsure whether there is still the same mass market eagerly awaiting this particular release. Although personally I think it's worth buying if only for the surprisingly catchy chuckle at reality TV "The Barry Williams Show" alone!

6 out of 10

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