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Peter Frampton
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Peter Frampton Fingerprints Album

If the name Peter Frampton brings back memories of a rather odd 1970s Vocoder-drenched Show Me The Way, don't worry. This is the same man, but he seems to have spent the years since then in pursuit of the perfect guitar tone. This is an almost-exclusively instrumental album, with guests on almost every track, helping explore styles from Latin through blues, American rock and soul.

Think of Santana's recent guest albums for a parallel. Frampton's guitar technique is extraordinary, combining the touch of Larry Carlton with the rock nous of Jeff Beck. Fingerprints is never less than entertaining - the instrumental nature will mean this is more of a guitarists' guitarist album than one with mass appeal. The diversity helps - the styles flow so elegantly and (seemingly) effortlessly that it is hard to catch breath between songs. The deftness of touch is delicious.


Mike Rea

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