Movie star Peter Fonda narrowly avoided death when he was 11 after he accidentally shot himself in the chest.
The Easy Rider star revealed all about his near-fatal episode during a storytelling session on the set of his new movie The Perfect Age of Rock n' Roll.
Co-star Jason Ritter says, "He is an incredible guy and a really sweet man. I always thought he was sort of cool but didn't realise how warm he can be at the same time. He was willing to share stories and hang out.
"He told me a story that was incredible, about how when he was 11 he was cleaning his father's gun and accidentally shot himself in the chest and died three times on the operating table. He lost so much blood.
"They thought the bullet had pierced his heart because it was behind his heart and they realised that the millisecond that the bullet was passing through his heart, it contracted and beat so the bullet literally went right underneath. It literally grazed his heart and had his heart not beat at that exact second he would not be here today.
"When he told the story, I was hanging on every word."