Peter Crouch likes Abbey Clancy to wear ''as little as possible''.

The 39-year-old retired soccer star - who has been married to Abbey since 2011 - has admitted he hates it when his wife dons her comfy clothes at home.

Asked what he likes Abbey to wear, Peter replied: ''As little as possible.''

Abbey, 34 - who has Sophia, nine, Liberty, four and Johnny, two, with Peter - revealed there's one item of clothing that the former England star particularly dislikes.

She said: ''I know he doesn't like my favourite item of clothing, which is my fleece dressing gown. He absolutely hates it.''

Peter then replied: ''It's like having a Porsche in the garage and never seeing it.

''She'll go on a shoot and I'll look at the pictures and go, 'Oh my God, she looks incredible!'

''And then she gets back home, takes her make-up off and puts on the bloody fleece dressing gown.''

Meanwhile, Abbey also revealed that the coronavirus lockdown has strengthened her bond with Peter.

The model explained during an Instagram chat with Love magazine: ''I couldn't live without Pete.

''God, I feel a bit emotional - I feel like he's part of me, especially having the kids as well. It feels like our world, and that's love to me - and I am always laughing.''

Similarly, Peter thinks the lockdown has helped to remind him of the importance of his family.

He reflected: ''I've found out in this lockdown what's important. You realise the only people you've got are your family - and that's all that matters.

''That sort of love to me is having everyone around me. Happiness definitely starts at home.''