Doctor Who’ star Peter Capaldi has hit out at the BBC, claiming they take the show for granted. Speaking to Newsweek, Capaldi addressed the show’s changing time slot last series’, which saw it behind pushed back for ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, saying he felt it made it harder for them to attract and keep family viewers.

Peter Capaldi Doctor WhoPeter Capaldi feels the BBC has ‘neglected’ ‘Doctor Who’.

“It does frustrate me,” Capaldi said. “If you’re going to have a family show, I think you have to build up a little ritual around it—and that ritual usually starts with having it on at the same time [every week]. Even I didn’t know what time it was on because it got later and later and later.”

When asked if he felt the BBC was neglecting ‘Doctor Who’, Capaldi answered ‘undoubtedly’. “The BBC is an incredible organisation, but...sometimes people there think, That’s looking after itself,” he added.

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“And it’s not being looked after. I think maybe their eye was taken off the ball, or the show was seen as a thing they could just push around. It’s not. It’s a special thing.”

The actor also said he wants the show to diversify more and reflect modern times. “The thing about 'Doctor Who' is, it’s at its best when it reflects the culture and the times that it’s in,” he explained.

“Because it’s a very successful show, sometimes it just digs its own groove of success, and I think it’s time for us to be more recognisable as being in the 21st century. I think it’s important the show reflects the times."

"The world’s in a tough place at the moment and the Doctor is a hero for all times. So I think he, or she, or it—because he’s not a human being—should reflect the times. But it also has to be somebody who works within the creative hub of the show.”

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As for wether or not he’ll stay on after the departure of Steven Moffat, Capaldi said he doesn't know yet. “It’s such a long time until we get to that point,” he added. “I love doing 'Doctor Who'".

"Obviously things are going to change with it and I might want to carry on and see what that’s like—or I might not. It’s a very difficult decision to make, as Steven says, when it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve not made that decision yet.”