As soon as the news that Peter Capaldi would play the new Doctor Who was announced, fans immediately began to try to envisage what the new Doctor would sound like, act like, and most importantly, wear.

Peter Capaldi
This Would Be The Perfect, Distinctive Look.

Clothes are a key distinguishing feature for any timelord, whether it's Matt Smith's bow tie, David Tennant's Converse trainers, Christopher Ecclestone's leather jacket, Peter Davison's cricket jumper, or Tom Baker's multi-coloured scarf. Every Doctor must have his own quirky detail that sets him apart from the rest.

What'll be Capaldi's signifying feature? It's already known that he'll retain his Scottish accent, unlike David Tennant, and play a "trickier and fiercer" incarnation of the Timelord. A tartan kilt would be a way too obvious choice, as would a tam o' shanter, so maybe a jewel-topped cane? A monocle?

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who
Peter's Already A Pro With The Bow.

In an interview with Radio Times, DW writer Steven Moffat revealed that he's letting Capaldi pick his own look, because of what was almost a missed opportunity with current Doctor Matt Smith's bow tie. When asked when Peter was going shopping, Moffat said "I think actually right now - I think literally right now. He was texting me 'I'm out with [the wardrobe stylist] at the moment, it's going quite well' and some descriptions of clothes I did not understand. If it's not a suit..."

"I'll just let them get on with it and it'll be 'yes' or 'no' at the end," he added. Turning his attention to the outgoing current Doctor's style, Moffat revealed "Matt said 'I should be a boffin, I think I need to go with the bow tie' and I said 'No, absolutely not, you're not wearing a bow tie - that's a cartoon idea of what Doctor Who is...Oh, you are going to wear a bow tie - you look incredible in it."

Peter Capaldi Suit
Yes, Yes & Yes Again.

"And from that moment on he suddenly came to life, and he put the tweed jacket on and suddenly he's leaping round the room with a biro pen and that was it - he was the Doctor." Moffat admitted that he had a lot of faith in the The Thick of It star's taste in clothes: "He likes his clothes. He's got very strong opinions about clothes, he's very dashing," he said.

Our money's on a three-piece suit; double points if velvet's incorporated somehow.