Dr. Who – 7.30pm, Christmas Day, BBC 1

Doctor Who Christmas SpecialMatt Smith ushers in a new Doctor in the Dr. Who Christmas Special

Even if you don’t like Dr. Who, you watch the Christmas one. That’s a thing; it happens every year, and by the time it’s on, you’re so tired and drunk it could quite literally be anything. So you watch whichever charismatic, British actor they’ve chosen this time prance around on screen with a little screwdriver while he outsmarts everyone 4 times in one sentence.

This year’s Christmas Doctor will be particularly special, as two charismatic Brits will be on screen. Matt Smith, who decided to jack it all in for a fresh start, handed over to Peter Capaldi, a man who swears so much on The Thick of It, his surname rhymes with f*cker. Family fun all round, we’d expect.

Downton Abbey - 8.30pm, Christmas Day, ITV 1

Downton Christmas episode 2013Paul Giamatti walking about in Downton

Oh Downton, love a bit of Downton, Downton’s great, did you watch Downton? What’s Downton Abbey? Have you ever heard any of the aforementioned sentences? Well you and the family will likely be tucking into a bit of ITV period drama then, won’t you.

This year’s Christmas special takes the form of ‘Season 4, Episode 9’, which doesn’t sound that glamorous, but Rose – whoever that is – is set to be presented at Buckingham Palace, so, it is glamorous. With Downton being the ratings behemoth it has been, we’d expect it to get somewhere closer to Eastenders, which even people without TVs watch, it’s so popular.

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