Review of Living Thing Album by Peter Bjorn And John

Review of Peter Bjorn And John's album Living Thing.

Peter Bjorn And John Living Thing Album

Peter Mor'n, Bj"rn Yttling and John Eriksson rose to stardom with the refreshing, catchy pop sounds of Writers Block, but the Swedish trios fifth album on Wichita Recordings threatens to push the band into obscurity.

Living Thing sees Peter Bjorn and John trying to expand on their indie-pop foundations with a touch of very dubious experimentation. Unfortunately, the overzealous use of effects can't hide a serious case of very bad song writing. From the cringe-worthy lyrics to the lacklustre arrangements, the album smells of desperation. Other than the classic Peter, Bjorn and John sounding effort 'It Don't Move Me', there is little to suggest that this dreadful palette of songs could move anybody at all.

Ultimately, Living Thing is nothing more than a set of poorly produced and uninspiring pop songs. If this Swedish trio live to tell the tale of a sixth album you just get the feeling that it's going to have to be pretty special.

Colin Burrill

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