Peter Andre has announced that he and his wife Emily MacDonagh are expecting their second baby together, sharing a picture of the ultrasound scan on social media with his fans.

The 43 year old singer and dancer, who also shares two children with his former wife Katie Price (10 year old Junior and 8 year old Princess), shared the picture on Twitter on Thursday afternoon (May 26th).

“OMG so happy to be a dad AGAIN. So so happy,” the former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant captioned the picture, and immediately messages of congratulations began pouring in for the couple.

Peter Andre Emily MacDonaghPeter Andre and wife Emily MacDonagh in May 2016

Andre met medical student Emily, a medical student and now a doctor 16 years his junior, in 2010 after her father operated on his kidney stones. They got engaged in 2013, welcomed their first child Amelia together in January 2014, and tied the knot in a ceremony in Exeter last summer.

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Andre previously spoke on ‘Good Morning Britain’ back in February this year about the possibility of having more children, saying that he had previously determined that he was finished with having kids before he met Emily.

“I am so excited because after Junior and Bista – that's her nickname – I was like 'OK, I'm done now', then Amelia came along. She's such a joy, I really think I'm going to have another two at least. I just gotta ask the wife!”

It seems that it was definitely on both their minds, as he added: “I'd love to have another by the end of the year. Ems just has to say when and I'm ready to go! Princess and Junior have bonded so well with Amelia and it's created this incredible family unit for Emily and I.”

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