Peter Andre almost caused a fire at his house when cleaning.

The 47-year-old singer - who has kids Junior, 14, and Princess, 12, with ex-wife Katie Price, and Amelia, six, and Theo, three, with spouse Emily - is a ''liability'' in the home and he and his wife had to call out an electrician when his vigorous jet washing caused a potentially dangerous electrical problem in their outdoor barbecue area.

Writing in her column in the new issue of OK! magazine, Emily said: ''I'm usually the queen of DIY in our family as he is a bit of a liability. We actually had to get an electrician round as Pete decided to jet wash the electrics in our barbecue area and the plastic switch melted.

''We were worried it was a fire hazard and the electrician said we were lucky it didn't go up in flames, so that's the extent of Pete's DIY.''

Although she's working hard as a doctor, Emily also has her hands full making sure the family home is clean, despite her husband's attempts at tidying, but she insists she doesn't mind as she finds it therapeutic.

She said: ''Pete said he thinks I would be shocked if I came home from work early and saw the state of the house.

''The difference between our two approaches is that I tend to clean little and often so I can keep on top of it, whereas Pete lets it get to a terrible state and then goes for it.

''With all the kids in the house, all I seem to do is clean.

''Sometimes I don't know if it's harder being at work or at home!

''I have had to let my standards slip but I find cleaning therapeutic and the kids have been helping.''