Peter Andre was ''so frightened'' when his cancer-stricken brother collapsed.

Andrew, 54 was rushed to hospital with a suspected blood clot on his lung just days after arriving in the UK - where he is staying with Peter while he undergoes treatment for stomach cancer.

The Australian resident was later discharged and is due to start chemotherapy this week, but Little Brother Peter, 39, admits the experience was terrifying.

He told Now magazine: ''He suddenly became very unwell and collapsed, which was really frightening for all of us.

''Andrew's doing much better now and is back at home but we still don't know exactly what triggered his collapse.

''He begins his chemotherapy this week, so we'll all be supporting him as he goes through that.''

The father-of-two has moved his brother and sister-in-law Magda in to his British home to help take the burden off their elderly parents who live Down Under.

Writing in his column for new! magazine, he explained: ''They're going to live with me and my other brothers Mike, Danny and Chris in my house and we're going to look after him while he has treatment.

''My parents, who live in Australia, are nearly 80 and I really don't want them to see Andrew going through the chemotherapy and all that stuff.

''My dad had such terrific treatment over here when he was ill last year, so he knows that it's the best place for Andrew. I'm going to build a small extension onto my house so there's room for everyone!''