Katie Price's cage fighter boyfriend has banned her from looking at pictures of her husband. 

Alex Reid reportedly told the glamour model in a blazing argument she is obsessed with estranged husband Peter Andre, and told her to "forget him." 

A friend said Alex snapped at Katie: "He's the father of your children, and nothing else."

Although the new couple seemed happy on a three day break to Spain earlier this week, friends say they have had a string of arguments since their return.

A friend told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Alex has banned any picture of Pete going anywhere near Katie.

"He told her he needs to be sure she is over Pete if the relationship is going to work.

"They have shouted about it as she isn't used to anyone telling her what to do."

Other sources say Katie, 31, has never been interested in a long-term relationship with Alex, 34, and the couple's arguments will lead to the end of their brief relationship.

One close friend said: "This has always been about companionship for her, not a serious relationship. But it quickly escalated. She is worried Alex has started to get stars - and pound signs - in his eyes."

The friend added to Britain's News Of The World newspaper: "Jordan feels Alex has pretty much served his purpose and she is worried people are starting to think they are a long-term prospect."

It has also been reported Katie has banned her ITV2 TV crew from filming Alex, as she doesn't want him to appear prominently in her forthcoming reality TV show.