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Pete Yorn Nightcrawler Album

After a disappointing 2nd album Pete Yorn will no be doubt aiming to get back to the early standards set by his acclaimed debut album Musicforthemorningafter. His third record, Nightcrawler, features guest collaborations from Dave Grohl (who seems to have become the worlds most famous session musician) & The Dixie Chicks.

First of all, its difficult to pick highlights from a record that seems consistently average. Each song has an underlying weakness and a glaringly obvious strength but they both equate to the same thing…cheesy rock pop.

This may be Pete Yorn’s boldest effort to date but it still lacks anything remotely cutting-edge, and whilst there is no doubting that Yorn is a talented individual, you get the impression that he’s well aware of the fact, And revelling in his own optimistic vision the resulting Nightcrawler record flirts with lacklustre rock ideals just a little too often.

If you’re a fan of over-polished pop rock or indeed a fan of Pete Yorn than Nightcrawler is worth your attention. Everyone else would probably do best to give this the slip.

Colin Burrill

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