Pete Wentz gets "flustered" being in Black Cards.

The 32-year-old former Fall Out Boy star admits it can be difficult preparing to play shows with his new band because all of the members - himself, Bebe Rexha, Nate Patterson and Spencer Peterson - live in different parts of the US, so it can be hard to co-ordinate their schedules.

He said: "It gets pretty crazy, because we all fly in and we'll meet up and rehearse and do the thing, and then we all don't see each other for a week or two and then do it all again, and it flusters you a little bit. I mean, we're starting to get the hang of being a band and what this band is doing.

"We all live in different places. I live in Los Angeles. There's New York, Atlanta, Massachusetts. So we fly in, we rehearse, and then we rehearse in the trailer."

Despite their struggles, the band enjoy performing live and are looking forward dot winning over new fans with carefully-considered set lists.

Speaking before they performed at Hard Rock Calling in London's Hyde Park on Saturday (25.06.11) - which was headlined by Bon Jovi - Pete told Absolute Radio's Martyn Lee: "I think with the festivals especially you have a limited amount of time, so you're not going to get up there, 'Oh let's play every song on the album'.

"I think you get up there and you play the songs that you think are going to interact with the crowd well, and then maybe throw a cover in there, here or there, we'll see, I don't know."