The Who closed Glastonbury 2015 and called it ''an easy job.''

The veteran rockers were the last act to perform as the sun set on the festival yesterday (28.06.15) in front of thousands of fans on the Pyramid stage and vowed to ''send them home happy''.

Guitarist Pete Townshend said as they entered the stage: ''We have an easy job: we have to send you home happy.''

And the group had no problems living up to the pledge with their crowd-pleasing set of fan favourites including 'Who Are You', 'The Seeker', 'Pictures of Lily', 'Baba O'Riley' and 'My Generation'.

The band reportedly missed out on having a sound check and although the crowd didn't seem to notice any difficulties, the 70-year-old guitarist continuously complained about the sound and confessed: ''It could have been better''

During his headlining set on Saturday (27.06.15) Kanye West declared that he was ''the biggest rock star in the world'' - a claim disputed by the veteran rockers.

Pete said: ''We're gonna send you home now with a rebellious 'Who's the biggest f**king rockstar in the world?' ... It must be Elvis Presley.''

Other stars who performed at the festival, which is sponsored by EE, yesterday included Paul Weller, F.F.S., Lionel Richie, The Chemical Brothers and FKA twigs.