Pete Tong - Interview

25 May 2005

Pete Tong

Pete Tong - Interview

Pete Tong - Interview
Contactmusic spoke to Pete Tong about his new film It’s All Gone Pete Tong and plans for the summer.

Apart from the title what’s your connection to the film?

I didn’t really get involved in the film until they started shooting. I had talks with the creators about 4 years ago. They knew they wanted to do a film about the whole Ibiza scene but they weren’t too sure what direction they were going to take it. They were definitely set on the name It’s all gone Pete Tong and I agreed with them using my name as long as I could over see what was going on. They started filming about 2 years ago and that’s when I could really see more of what was going on, I didn’t have a problem with anything that was happening. I did contribute ideas which were used but I don’t think I would have done anything differently.

What similarities and differences are there between you and Frankie?

Frankie’s character has been taken to the extreme. The director spent 6 months really absorbing the scene. He listened to as many stories about DJ’s as possible. I think he took bits of so many different people it’s just a whole amalgamation. I think Paul brought a really good rock ‘n’ roll stance into Frankie. I can see a lot of Keith Richards and Sid Vicious in there. He’s done a great job.

So are there any familiar stories about any of your mates in there?

Yeah there are a couple of moments that always make me smile.

Your passion for music is famous. Is film something you are equally passionate about & will we be seeing you in films in the future?

I think DJing is very closely related to film sound tracks, I have done many in my past. I really enjoy doing it. I would always go for a British film though; I wouldn’t go over to Hollywood and do one over there though. I think you have more creative freedom over here whereas in America you always have people looking over your shoulder and too many companies get involved. British films are always a lot more quirky. I would quite like to go into production but I will just have to wait for the right time and project.

You’ve got a 17 week stint in Ibiza coming up. Are you looking forward to it?

Yeah, it’s great doing a residency. I’m just sorting out the artwork and things; I was busy doing that over the winter so it’s nice for all that to come together. I have asked a lot of people to do nights with me. I have Carl Cox & Groove Armada coming along. Ministry have had it for the past few years but because it’s my residency at Pasha this year I have asked people who I really admire to perform with me. I have had a problem with that though because half of those people all have their own night so they didn’t have enough time to come and do a night for me. It’s also really great for me because I will be working every Friday but I also have most Saturday nights off so it’s going to be a nice time for me.

You spend the majority of the winter doing your radio session and flying around the UK playing gigs and in the summer you go and live it up in the sun. When you’re finally ready to hang up your record bag up do you think you will be more likely to live in the UK or head for a sunny sanctuary?

With the power of modern day technology it’s great because I can do the radio from anywhere in the world, I love travelling all over the England and the rest of the world but as for the future I think I will be on some secluded island paradise! I’m not sure really, I think I will go and live on the side of a mountain somewhere with my bike!

Music comes naturally to you. What aren’t you so good at?

Ohh I’m not sure. Golf, I love sport but I’m not so great at golf. Languages also, I wish I had paid more attention in school I would love to learn a language but now I’m older it’s a lot harder to remember things. I also wish I had learnt to play piano, I still can’t!


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