Pete Tong doesn't think Las Vegas will become the new dance music capital of the world.

The US city - located in Nevada - has welcomed many of the world's biggest dance music stars in 2013, including Tiesto, meaning many of them have not played in Ibiza, the European home of dance music, but Pete thinks both destinations offer something completely different.

He exclusively told BANG showbiz: ''Ibiza is not necessarily suffering from Vegas, but it's now very aware of Vegas, and they have got to be competitive and not just for the DJ's.

''You also have many more people coming from America to here.

''In the defence of the DJ's it does look very glamorous flying around in private jets, but having that success and flying out to different places every single night of the week also they are spending a lot of money on the stage.''

Ibiza nightclub Pacha has said it has had to drop some of its usual headliners after they demanded huge fees to perform, but Pete, 53, says anyone overcharging won't be involved in the scene for long.

He added: ''If DJ's are overcharging, then ultimately the wheels will fall off. People either won't go or clubs won't be able to book them.

''If you're overcharging and not delivering then Ibiza - before anyone else in the world - will find you out, because it has so much choice every single night of the week.''

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