Pete Doherty, singer from the band Babyshambles, has been questioned by his young son about his drug use. The former Libertines frontman was kicked out of the band for his constant drug-use, has revealed that he still uses heroin, yet he is beginning to come around to the idea that perhaps he isn't a particularly good role-model for his 9-year-old son. This came about when his son, Astile, when ahead and questioned him about his use of illicit substance abuse.

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Doherty explained: ''I see it as a selfish lifestyle choice. My nine-year-old son, I can't be there for him. He's smart. He said to me, 'Have you just taken your medicine?' I didn't know what to say. In his eyes it's sad and wrong, you're not the attractive person a child wants you to be.'' He went on to reveal that he may, in fact, lament his self-destructive lifestyle. He looked at his image, revealing: ''It's seen as a spiritual crime now to be a junkie. The lowest thing.''

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The 34-year-old rocker spoke to 'Q' magazine, revealing how he has cut himself off from his friends and family in order to save them from the disappointment he brings. He explained: ''If there's someone who you've let down, or shamed, or alienated, who doesn't feel that you're there - whether it's your father, son, friend - you will just remove yourself from them. The sad fact is, that's what destroys families because you separate and surround yourself with people who will let you believe you're still a whole person. Because who wants to admit those things? Who wants to admit that's who they are?''