Review of Last of the English Roses Single by Pete Doherty

Review of Pete Doherty's single 'Last of the English Roses'

Pete Doherty Last of the English Roses Single

Everyone's favourite mockney urchin has returned, but with disappointingly standard fare. Pete revisits his own well-trodden ground of vaguely nostalgic sentiments: Kinks-style memories of a forgotten England, with a bit of rhyming slang thrown in for good measure. There's a girl in there somewhere as well, but it's all very fuzzy around the edges.

The problem is that it lacks the clarity and wit of Doherty's better songs to lift it above average. 'Last of the English Roses' seems to plod along without much energy and - like many of his contributions of late - sounds rather like he's nodding out to a backing track.

Natalie Kaye

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