Australian beauty Peta Wilson was strongly encouraged to strip for her spread in the latest issue of PLAYBOY - by her dad.

The actress admits offers were flooding in for her to pose nude while she starred in the TV show LA FEMME NIKITA - and her father was one of the main people encouraging her to do it.

She says, "At that point I was working too hard and I just sort of thought, 'No!'

"I mentioned it to my father and he said, 'What are you doing? You should do it - it's bloody great!' I said, 'No, thank you Dad, I'm not sure.'

"But this was sort of like the fourth or fifth time they asked and I'd taken a year off to have the baby and I went, '33, not too bad, looking pretty good! Maybe it's time!'"

And Wilson admits there was one main reason why her dad was so excited for her take on the project.

She explains, "I don't mean to be tacky, but the money. You get paid a lot of money to do Playboy. It's not like I'm doing it because I want you to see get paid quite well."

But she does have one complaint: "There's one shot that's a little mongy. I mean, my head looks a little bit like a half-sucked mango!"

18/06/2004 03:13